Thursday, June 7, 2007

inaugural post

I am a 37-year old woman living in Columbus, Ohio. This blog is the documentation of my efforts to live a more earth-conscious, greener life. I'm not a crazy hippy or an extremely rabid environmentalist; I am a more or less average person leading a more or less average life, but with a strong desire to reduce my ecological footprint.

So here I will talk about my attempts to eat locally, reduce waste, recycle, compost, and make better choices when purchasing goods. I'm not perfect, and currently not trying to be perfect - but I am trying to become more conscious of my choices and to lessen my impact on the environment.

The content here will be heavily influenced by the seasons. Right now Ohio is on the brink of summer, so my head is full of farmer's markets and my small but mighty garden. Fresh, local produce and the cooking of it are a big subject and passion of mine right now, and that will be a highlight of the coming months.

As a warning, I am not a vegetarian! I used to be one, and I still do not each much meat. What I do eat I buy from local farmers with pasture-raised animals that are fed a natural diet. I will expound on the evils of factory farming at a later date.

So, welcome! As this is a brand-new blog it will seem very bare-bones at first; I plan to add a list of links over the next few weeks, so you may go and explore some of my influences.

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