Sunday, August 17, 2008

One Local Summer - Week 11

This week's meal featured pole beans from the garden, chicken wrapped in bacon, corn on the cob (we aren't tired of it yet!) and the cutest little baby red thumb potatoes. Non-local ingredients were olive oil, red pepper flakes (to jazz up the pole beans) and salt and pepper.

We have actually had local meals every day this week, but I didn't take pictures of them all! We had pizza yesterday, since I thought that both cooking and processing 4 dozen ears of corn for the freezer would be too much work. (And I was right!)


Robin said...

I was just saying I think I may be done with corn for a while. But freezing for later seems like a good idea!

K.A.G. said...

May I suggest roasted corn soup as a good way to use up corn? I have a recipe that uses 6 ears of corn, along with 3 garlic cloves, a baking potato, some cream, some broth/water... pretty simple but oh so good.