Saturday, March 28, 2009

Turning off the lights for Earth Hour

In about half an hour we'll be participating in our second annual Earth Hour, which involves shutting off the lights (and the computers, and unplugging electronic devices) at 8:30 PM, regardless of time zone, for one hour. It is part of a global warming/climate change awareness campaign by WWF.

People argue that shutting down for one hour doesn't make much of a difference, but its goal is to raise awareness (rather than suddenly save a bunch of energy, which it also accomplishes.) Video footage from last year left me breathless and teary-eyed, especially seeing the whole-hearted participation of cities across the world. There are already some great photos up on the web page, and I'm sure folks will be putting plenty of videos on youtube as 8:30 PM marches across the world. Here is a video about the event, including lots of footage from last year. Australia, where the event began, has really proven to be a leader in this.

Now I just wish I had some like-minded neighbors with whom to share some wine and candlelight!


Anonymous said...

I agree completely, the goal for this one is awareness - and I think also getting people to see that 1 hr without the electronics (e.g. tv, radio, computer, etc) will not be as torturous as thought. A chance to see what else can be done with family, friends, or just by oneself in that time otherwise spent before a screen. I'd not seen the video before - for me that is powerful.
Actually, my workplace participated too, encouraging all of us to turn off the electronic devices/lights, making sure the lights/computers were off in the office, etc. Its a great way to reach people I think, since the workplace is so central and a way to get many at once....

Anne said...

I think the "spending time without electronic devices" is really the best part - it's the epitome of quality time!

I spend a lot of time camping in the summer, and I have to say that I love the time without television or laptops - we have to sit around and talk to each other for days on end! And all the food tastes better, because there is some weird cosmic rule that food cooked/eaten outdoors is always better. :-)