Monday, January 18, 2010

Dark Days Challenge week 9 - scrambled eggs and bacon

Some nights, the best you can do is scrambled eggs. It's one of those foods I'm just now learning to eat; as I child they were they were the bane of my existence. They were that one food I wouldn't eat, and I was once forced to sit at the table for hours with them, until I finally choked them down, ice cold. Fortunately my mom soon realized that I just didn't like egg yolks; I'd eat any number of egg whites, but the yolks were a no-go.

As an adult with a steady supply of pasture-raised eggs in my fridge, it seemed silly and wasteful not to eat the yolks. I still need something to distract me from the taste (either herbs or marmite, generally) but I can now make a meal of scrambled eggs or an omelet (provided I have toast on the side.)

This week's meal is scrambled eggs from Speckled Hen farm, bacon from Bluescreek, an apple from Gilogly Orchards, and 7-seed bread from Andelain Farms. The butter is from Hartzler's Dairy, and the seasoning in the scrambled eggs is non-local (but is "Sunny Paris" from Penzey's, and is really fantastic in eggs!)

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Bob del Grosso said...

Scrambled eggs are 3/4 egg, 1/4 technique if, and only if, your technique is flawless. It doesn't matter how good the eggs are, they will suck dirty toes if you don't understand eggs and how they respond to heat.

1)Crack the eggs into a bowl, do not stir them or add anything to them

2) heat the pan slowly
3) add a big chunk of fat (butter, bacon fat, veg oil, no matter)
4) when the fat begins to shimmer, roll it around the pan so the pan is well coated
5) pour the eggs in and gently mix them up all the while thinking about cream
6) At the moment when the eggs seem firm but you can still see the lots of yolk and white in contradistinction, add the seasoning.