Sunday, February 8, 2009

Dark Days of Winter Challenge - week 12

Week twelve already! Look, we're getting closer to spring!

I haven't done much cooking lately - my minor neck surgery left me with nerve damage in my neck and shoulder, and my right arm isn't entirely functional (and we won't even talk about the pain. Nerve pain is way beyond anything I could have imagined.) And I am right-handed, of course, which makes this all so very interesting in the Chinese sense.

I did manage to make one nice (and almost all local) meal this week: beef stew with roasted tomatoes and braised curly kale.

The beef stew featured grass-fed stew beef from Long Meadows (tossed in flour, seared, and braised), the last of the purple potatoes from the garden, a carrot (Persinger Farms; Jamestown, Ohio), and an onion and fresh parsley (H-W Farms). I had to use boxed stock and red wine from Trader Joe's, because I am currently in no shape to make stock.

I sliced the grape tomatoes in half and drizzled them with olive oil, then sprinkled on salt, pepper, and herbs de Provence. I cooked them on parchment in the toaster oven (I think it was around 250 degrees for one-half hour, then briefly broiled at the end.) I both braised and stir-fried the kale (I start out with stir frying, then add a little water and put the lid on the pot, stirring occasionally until it is done) with garlic and butter and it was very, very tasty! The tomatoes and kale were both from H-W Farms.


Anonymous said...

Yey for week 12! I was just thinking that - there are definite signs of spring, even though it is a ways off... I am so sorry to hear that you are in pain. Do you know how long it will last? Hope it passes quickly. Having surgery only to wind up with more problems, sigh. Your tomatoes :-) I wish I could taste even one of them. They look so good, especially paired with the kale. Glad you enjoyed it!

Anne said...

They tell me that nerve damage rehab is long and slow, unfortunately. :-(

I have to admit that the tomatoes were delicious! Slow roasting really concentrates the flavor. I started doing this in the fall (my garden was very prolific in the cherry tomato department) and they are really good. I love to mix them with pasta or greens, or even eat them on toast with goat cheese.