Thursday, June 18, 2009

One Local Summer - Week 3

This week's meal celebrated our CSA pickup, with braised greens and roasted hakurei turnips from Wayward Seed Farm. The protein for the meal was a chicken breast from Speckled Hen farm, pan-fried and served with a pan sauce (the best part of pan-frying) that was full of winter savory (a truly wonderful herb, like a very mellow rosemary.) The "dessert" was a bowl of fresh shelling peas, gently cooked then tossed with butter and tarragon. Delicious!


livinginalocalzone said...

Hakurei turnips! This is the first season I've tasted them and they are amazing. Just amazing. I visited my CSA farm a couple weeks ago and the farmer took me through the fields to see how everything was doing. He picked some hakureis for me and I ate them straight from the ground and promptly fell in love. Do they roast like regular turnips, or go more like radishes?

Anne said...

I haven't tried roasted radishes yet - how do they turn out? I know I will be needing new ideas for all these radishes!

The hakurei are very sweet when roasted, and they can get quite soft. I think they are the perfect "entry level" turnip for people who think they don't like turnips! A few of our farmers had a fall crop of them last year, as well as a spring one.