Saturday, June 27, 2009

One Local Summer - Week 4

It's brunch again for week 4! The eggs (look at those amazing golden yolks! Gotta love pastured eggs!) were scrambled with herbs from the garden (sage, parsley and chives) and a little bit of gouda from Oakvale, bacon was from Bluescreek (as usual), biscuits were homemade with whole wheat from Flying J Farm, and strawberries were from our fruit CSA with Wayward Seed Farm. Honey from Barry's Bees (my favorite local honey!) accompanied both the strawberries and biscuit.

Eggs with herbs are my new favorite thing. I found a recipe for eggs with sage in an Anglo-Saxon cookbook (medieval cooking is an occasional hobby of mine), and I thought it sounded amazing - and it was!


Anonymous said...

What book do you use for the medieval cooking? It sounds fascinating! Brunch is the best of all meals, I think - it can go any way that the eater desires :-)

Anne said...
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Anne said...

Let me try this again - my links were eaten by the formatting!

I use some old pamphlets to cook from, and at the moment I'm using the book A Taste of Anglo-Saxon England by Mary Savelli.

A Book of Middle Eastern Food by Claudia Roden is another favorite of mine; she cites the medieval sources of many of her recipes.

On-line, my favorite resource is this:

(I broke the link into two pieces so it wouldn't get cut off! Blogger formatting is weird.)