Friday, June 27, 2008

local shopping GRRRRR!

Why is it that no one carries organic cultured buttermilk? I've given up on local stuff, I just want some that is both organic and cultured. Looks like I have to drive all the way to Whole Foods in Dublin for it. I have struck out at several regular groceries as well as my co-op and Raisin Rack.

Color me frustrated.

What does one do with cultured buttermilk? Well, you can use it to make creme fraiche and sour cream; you can make buttermilk ranch salad dressing; you can make really fabulous pancakes; probably a number of other things I haven't thought of.


Architectress said...

biscuits!! I have an awesome biscuit recipe, and my husband loves sausage gravy & biscuits. I admit I often make it with veggie sausage even.

Anne said...

Biscuits, yum! I wonder if I can make them in the toaster oven?

I've always wondered if you can make bacon gravy instead of sausage; while I have developed a taste for chorizo and italian sausage the breakfast variety just doesn't smell appetizing to me. Bacon, now, that I could eat all day! :-)